"The principles of Jefferson are the axiom of a free society"

Abraham Lincoln

A Nonpartisan Economic, Health and Public Policy Research Foundation


  1. Eliminates third party payment, management, interference and control
  2. Eliminates claim form submission
  3. Introduces direct patient at full fair market value on the day of service by every patient seen
  4. Eliminates third party price controls. Allows the physician to define fair market price and be paid at the price.
  5. Eliminates third party paperwork requirements
  6. Eliminates all eligibility and denial of claims hassles
  7. Eliminates the need for non-medical staff to  churn paperwork
  8. Reduces administrative costs
  9. Reduces overhead
  10. Transforms the doctor patient relationship to a professional model
  11. Provides incentives for the physician to provide a cost -effectiveness analysis to the patient in his selection of diagnostics and treatment modalities
  12. Provides the physician with information technology at the point of service to aid in determining marginal benefit for marginal cost.
  13. Provides incentives to the physician to constantly improve his knowledge base, his skills and effectiveness with time through market competition ( Competition gives incentives for self improvement )
  14. Provides software that automatically communicates the patient’s  complexity level for their insurable event to the insurance company that results in a lump sum payment to the patient’s tax favored savings account( can only be accessed with an electronic debit card keyed the health care providers selected at patient discretion only
  15. Returns the physician main function to doing a thorough history and physical exam and then providing the patient with enough information so that the patient can make an informed choice between different cost options within the context of appropriate care
  16. Eliminates being leveraged by hospitals
  17. Gives physician personal choice of practice (solo, group, employee, corporate) without prejudice
  18. Eliminates the need to garnish wages from patient that you have a judgment against
  19. Allows the physician to see a reasonable number of patients each day and earn enough money to maintain the practice and  a personal lifestyle that is commensurate with the physician’s education, skill, and responsibility
  20. Eliminates all of the perverse incentives associated with the current paradigm that distorts the physician’s practice efforts.
  21. Eliminates liability risk
  22. Allows the physician to set fair market pricing autonomously in response to the true equilibrium point of the supply demand curve; Eliminates all billing and collection problems