"The principles of Jefferson are the axiom of a free society"

Abraham Lincoln

A Nonpartisan Economic, Health and Public Policy Research Foundation


  1. Eliminates the need for multiple pricing for the same procedure
  2. Eliminates the need to negotiate under market pricing with insurance payers
  3. Eliminates third party payment
  4. Introduces direct patient payment at fair market value in full on the day of service by every American patient
  5. Allows the hospital to set fair market pricing autonomously in response to the true equilibrium point of the supply demand curve
  6. Eliminates all billing and collection problems
  7. Eliminates cut throat competition
  8. Hospitals will compete on the basis of how efficiently they can provide appropriate care to the patient.
  9. Allows the hospital to focus on the needs of the patient and providing quality care  rather than seeing the patient as mere substrate who is only tolerated as long as the money keeps coming
  10. Provides incentives to eliminate “system failure” that results in patient injury
  11. Reduces liability