"The principles of Jefferson are the axiom of a free society"

Abraham Lincoln

A Nonpartisan Economic, Health and Public Policy Research Foundation


  1. Eliminates rising costs that currently occur in Medicaid, Medicare, Tri-care, and Veteran’s Care
  2. Allows for the more efficient use of money currently being used for government funded health care
  3. Significantly reduces administrative activity, paperwork and costs
  4. Eliminates need for physician micro-management
  5. Eliminates the need for eligibility and denial of claim forms
  6. Eliminates the need for the government to be involved in the insurance business
  7. Allows all Americans to have equal purchasing power in health care regardless of socio-economic level
  8. Eliminates disparity of care
  9. Creates a single tier of quality, affordable health care for all Americans
  10. Creates a role for the government to enforce the rules of engagement of the market institution
  11. Confines government intervention to correcting market failures
  12. Proscribes protectionist policies and corporate subsidies that protect profits at the expense of the patient (third party rationing) and the physician (price controls) as well as all other policies that add distortions to the private health care market
  13. Eliminates the need for many middle class elderly from having to use Medicaid for long term care
  14. Provides incentives for all working Americans to save for health care costs for themselves and their families
  15. Eliminates the cost shifting to the American taxpayer for unpaid for care for the currently uninsured (including illegal aliens), for the under market payments for those on Medicare, Medicaid, and now private insurance who have negotiated under market payment to hospitals
  16. Improves our foreign trade on a macroeconomic level
  17. Helps to deal constructively with the national debt
  18. Will create an economic renaissance in America