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"The principles of Jefferson are the axiom of a free society"

Abraham Lincoln

A Nonpartisan Economic, Health and Public Policy Research Foundation


John A. Lanzalotti, MD - Author of the American Health Care Plan, CEO and Policy Director (As a founder of this foundation, Dr. Lanzalotti was the visionary and force behind it. We are deeply saddened to report that he passed away in April 2017).

Dexter Blome, MD, PhD - COO, Corporate Liaison and Corporate Affairs Director

Mark Litow, FSA, MAAA - Principal, Consulting Actuary

William McGettigan, JD - Legal Counsel

Fred Holden, MBA - Communications and Policy Development

Samuel Keeley, BA, MBA, PhD - Strategic Economic Planning and Communications Director

Christopher Colburn, PhD- Chief Economic Consultant  and Senior Fellow

Charles D. Van Eaton, PhD - Distinguished Professor at Large and Director of the Bryan Center for Critical Thought and Practice, Bryan College, Dayton, TN. (We are very grateful for Dr. Van Eaton's major contributions to the foundation over a 20 year period and are deeply saddened to report that he passed away in July 2015)

James L. Kammert, MA, JD - Washington, D.C. Liaison

Lou Hrkman, BS (Pol. Sci.), MPA, MBA - Senior Fellow, Corporate Liaison and Marketing Director

Michael P. Prunty, BSBA - Public Relations Director

James Morford, BS Ed - Health Consumer Advocacy Liaison

G. Brent Williams, BS, MBA - System Design Director

Arden Hennessey, BA - Physician Liaison and Professional Relations Director

Richard Cheatham, BA - Executive Liaison and Economic (Market) Planning


Dr. Lanzalotti first published the American Health Care Plan in 1991. Over the next two years he published a number of papers and gave many addresses concerning his cutting edge ideas. During this time Dr. Lanzalotti was serving as delegate from Williamsburg/James City County Medical Society to the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) where he served on several committees. A group of physicians also members of the MSV decided to found the Jeffersonian Health Policy Foundation in 1993 to research  health care reform issues and promote the American Health Care Plan.

Robert P. Nirschl, MD, an orthopedic surgeon from Arlington, Virginia was elected Chairman of the Board and John A. Lanzalotti, MD a physician and surgeon from Williamsburg , Virginia was elected Vice-Chairman of the Board and appointed Policy Director. Lewis Williams, MD an OB-GYN from Richmond, Virginia, his brother Harold Williams, MD, a surgeon from Newport News, Virginia and John M. O'Bannon, III, MD, a neurologist from Richmond, Virginia served as Board Members and Staff.

In 1995 Dr. Lanzalotti's bills: Public Funded Health Care Assistance Act of 1995 and the Virginia Medical Savings Account Act were passed with strong bipartisan support and signed into law by Governor George Allen.

In 2004, The Jeffersonian Health Policy Foundation was re-organized with all new staff as a private Foundation, with a stated mission of investigating and designing a correct and comprehensive model for health care reform that can serve all Americans. Our purpose was to develop the foundation for a business organization that would implement the principles in the Plan in the private business sector. Phase one of its mission was to study our current system, health care economics, economics, advanced insurance theory, actuarial science, public policy and health care law as well as the history of medical delivery systems. This study resulted in the publication of a series of papers elaborating principles for health care reform. This resulted in a more comprehensive version of The American Health Care Plan which is a coherent set of strategies that can be used to correct problems with the current system to create an efficient, cost effective system to finance and deliver health Care to all Americans while maintaining high quality through incentives and checks and balances inherent in the basic design.

The American Health Care Plan received a patent from the US patent office in 2007. In 2015, the Jeffersonian Health Policy Foundation was incorporated in the state of Virginia and an application was submitted for a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.


John A. Lanzalotti, MD


John A. Lanzalotti, M.D.

Dr. Lanzalotti was born and raised in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. He received his MD degree from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine. After earning his MD he was selected to stay at the University of Pennsylvania for postgraduate training in Surgery. After completing his prerequisite training in general surgery, Dr. Lanzalotti took additional training in plastic and reconstructive surgery. During his seven years of residency training, Dr. Lanzalotti worked as an Emergency Room physician. Dr. Lanzalotti then moved to Williamsburg, Virginia and set up private practice in 1982. In addition, he has been an adjunct professor at the College of William and Mary starting in 1987 where he has taught Immunology, The History and Philosophy of the Medical Sciences, Medicine in Literature and Health Care Economics and Policy.  Dr. Lanzalotti also served in the US Navy after college as a commissioned combat line officer during the Viet Nam War era stationed aboard a destroyer as an engineering officer.

Dr. Lanzalotti, who is nationally recognized as a leading authority in health care reform policy, became interested in health-care economics early in his medical career in private practice in Williamsburg. He received individual training while teaching at the College of William and Mary in economics and health care economics and began writing and having papers published in various aspects of health care finance and delivery systems. He has continued his intensive study of health care policy, economics, advanced insurance theory, public policy, and health care law until the present time. In 1991 Dr. Lanzalotti developed his “American Health Care Plan” a comprehensive market-based strategy to fundamentally reform health care in this country to provide competition based on value and access to high quality low cost care for every American.

In 1993 his leadership provided the impetus for the establishment of the Jeffersonian Health Policy Foundation, a Virginia based think tank founded by a group of politically influential physicians all associated with the Medical Society of Virginia. Dr. Lanzalotti as policy director of the think tank provided health care policy and served as medical advisor for George Allen during his campaign for Governor and several other Virginia delegates and senators. In 1995 Dr. Lanzalotti’s bill: The Virginia Medical Savings Account Bill was passed with strong bipartisan support by the Virginia legislature and signed into law by governor George Allen. Dr. Lanzalotti has served as a consultant in health care matters to the legislatures of several states and has testified on many occasions before the Virginia General Assembly and worked with staffers on various committees and sub-committees of both the Senate and House of the U.S. Congress. Dr. Lanzalotti was invited to present his health care plan to House Leadership in the US Congress in 1998.

He has given many talks on and has been widely published in market-based health-care reform over the past 16 years. Dr. Lanzalotti has designed a comprehensive set of insurance protocols which are based on universally accepted standards of good health care by the medical community and which define episodes of that care. He has also designed a set of communication protocols. This is basic to having everyone in our health care system being able to communicate electronically, allows us to have competition based on value and obviate the perverse incentives of our current third party procedure driven system of payment. From 1994 through 1997, Dr. Lanzalotti hosted a national radio program, “American Perspectives in Health Care”. He has been interviewed many times on both radio and TV where he has discussed health care reform issues. He is currently writing a book on market based reform of American healthcare.

Dr. Lanzalotti, in addition to being an accomplished surgeon and physician, is a highly talented skilled sculptor, as evidenced by the bust of Thomas Jefferson that appears in the upper left corner of each of these pages.