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American Health Care Plan

Jeffersonian Health Policy Foundation

The Jeffersonian Health Policy Foundation is a non-partisan research organization that is committed to analyzing health care policy and health care systems. The main purpose of this study is to design health care systems and implementation strategies. Our goal is to develop a model for a market based health care system that will lower costs, be win-win for all health market  participants, have correct incentives with checks and balances and provide the best quality care at the lowest cost.

A Health Care Plan that has been designed to accommodate the explosive growth in medical knowledge and technology over the past 60 years and uses a new financing system that will not inflate costs. The new financing system is called the patient specific prospective payment (PSPP). This replaces the fragmented, procedure driven, third party payment system that is currently used and responsible for 22 reversible cost drivers. The PSPP provides the patient with an appropriate budget of money to pay all anticipated expenses arising from the entire episode of care for each insured event in the form of a lump sum. The patient can access this money electronically in order to pay all expenses directly at full fair market value. The patient is able to choose options of care provided by his personal physician on the basis of price, quality, and value to get the best quality care at the lowest price.

Reforming American Health Care

In our attempt to reform health care finance and delivery, and lower costs, we must achieve three important and basic goals.

  1. Design a financing method compatible with our medical knowledge and technology that will not inflate costs
  2. Redesign Health insurance
  3. Design the Market institution and Re-Define the physician-patient relationship


Executive Summary of the American Health Care Plan

This plan is a model for a health market system that is proposed to be an alternative to The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

This plan avoids the laws that control health insurance as defined by the federal government

This plan provides more comprehensive coverage than the PPACA

This plan is capable of generating the financial and political capital necessary to displace our current health care system

This plan articulates how competition will work in health care at the doctor -patient level

This plan articulates how the incentives for all market participants need to be designed to create a win-win system

This plan describes how to achieve the best quality care at the lowest cost

This plan is designed to minimize fraud and abuse

This plan is designed to lower and maintain low costs by introducing an innovative financing system and insurance design

This plan will result in an ongoing functional market

This plan will result in fair market value payment to all providers without bankrupting the payers

This plan will preserve individual liberty, individual responsibility and prevent government intrusion in the internal governance of religious and private institutions and the threat of government coercion of religious people and groups to violate their most deeply held convictions

This  plan separates discretionary and price sensitive events from those events which are non-discretionary and price insensitive.

This plan replaces our current fragmented procedure driven, third party payment financing system with a patient specific, prospective payment that covers the entire episode of care

This plan articulates how to eliminate the power disparities in the health care market place making the layers of opaque ineffective regulation designed by government bureaucrats obsolete

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A Tribute

John LanzalottiOn April 30th, 2017, our beloved colleague, John Allen Lanzalotti, MD passed away.

He will long be remembered as a true RENAISSANCE MAN. In addition to medicine, he had a plethora of varied interests that included: Law, Finance, History, Literature, Opera and Sherlock Holmes.

During the Vietnam War, he served as a US Navy Engineering Officer aboard a destroyer. After the service, he entered the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and graduated with honors. Then after residency training, he established a career in Plastic Surgery in Williamsburg, Virginia. In mid-life, his aesthetic talents expanded beyond medicine, as he became a noted sculptor creating exceptional life sized marble busts in the tradition of Houdon. These works are outstanding by any artistic standards and can be found in many government buildings in Richmond, VA and Washington, D.C.

Perhaps Dr. Lanzalotti’s greatest accomplishment is the creation of the AMERICAN HEALTH CARE PLAN that establishes the foundation for the RESURRECTION OF AMERICAN MEDICINE. This innovative masterpiece reestablishes the Patient-Doctor relationship, as the time-honored basis for ethical and competent healthcare delivery. Patients are empowered and control their own healthcare decisions in a meticulously constructed FREE MARKET system that decreases costs, without co-pays, deductibles, or rationing of care by insurance companies, bureaucracies and politicians.

In the end, the true story of this dedicated genius is not victory in a 6-year battle with debilitating illness, but that it did NOT detour his efforts to transform American Medicine. INTELLECT, CREATIVITY, PERSEVERENCE and HUMOR define his indomitable spirit and will remain as an eternal testament to his outstanding moral character and principled life.

Rest in Peace, John